BBC Radio 4 is looking at the power of the supermarkets this week. The Beeb commissioned a market research company to interview 2,000 people over the age of 16 for their views on the supers, and the results I think were pretty convincing in their very mixed messages.
When all the ticks were added up, it was revealed that although it is thought that most people hate supermarkets, in fact 79% didn't hate them.
When people listed their deciding factor in choice of where to shop they cited convenience, quality and everything under one roof. These were followed by cost and choice.
When asked what concerned them most, people did not consider supermarkets' colossal profits or their ravaging of the high street of particular concern, but when asked what they disliked most about supermarkets, profits and the destruction of the high street figured highly. And although 73% claimed they would pay more for environmentally sound and healthy food, these elements did not figure highly among their choice of where to shop. As they say, go figure.