It’s the way they package these juicy deals. My correspondent from Norfolk found Sainsbury’s Brand Match wasn’t all it was banged up to be.

He writes: “Asda had rum on offer for £13. What a good buy.”

So off he goes to Sainsbury’s where it had previously been £15.99. Now it is £19.99 per bottle well, never mind, it will be £13 at the till, he thinks.

He takes three bottles to the checkout, pays £59.97 and gets a £10 voucher. He was expecting £20.97. Oops, the maximum rebate is a tenner.

He goes on: “So, off to customer services to get my money back. A member of staff went through self-service: with one bottle at £19.99, no coupon (minimum spend £20 to price match). At this point I gave up and went home empty-handed.”

He concludes that if he bought two bottles at £19.99 (£39.98) he would only get one £10 coupon. “So that makes the price match £14.99 and not £13 as at Asda.”

I suggest the only way he could beat this is to take someone with him and both spend just over £20 in two separate transactions, which I’m sure a few canny customers will do when they plan their Christmas booze lists.