Mick Pinder (Overton Corner Shop) has forwarded a warning from the National Federation of Retail Newsagents about scams involving Ukash vouchers.

It says: “As community retailers it’s important to be aware of irregular voucher purchases that customers - especially older people - make as they may be a victim of crime. This morning a 70-year-old customer was protected from being scammed out of £800 in Ukash vouchers by an alert retailer. Judy Hamilton discreetly asked the lady why she needed such a large amount and, when she explained, it was clear she was the victim of a scam. 

“The customer had had a call informing her that she was due a £21,000 tax rebate, but she needed to pay tax of £800 before the cheque could be released. She was advised to get £800 Ukash vouchers and, for her own safety and to avoid carrying lots of cash, to visit several shops to obtain these vouchers. She would then be phoned again and asked to read out the voucher numbers.”

This is the second time I’ve heard of retailers saving vulnerable customers. I know I’ve been reporting on these scams for some time, but that’s because they keep happening.