If you think you're having a bad day - read on. Back in August Wasim Shazad had his British Gas meters changed to one of those new 'Smart' meters at his Best One store in Leeds. Bglobal did the installation around noon on what turned out to be a fateful day.

Within an hour just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. There was a power failure so the lights went out and the tills went down (and one remains down to this day), the fire alarms went off, the Lottery terminal was down, the fridges packed up, the burglar alarms started screaming and the phones went silent. It has since been estimated at more than £10,000-worth of damage.

Wasim rang the Electricity Board to report the whole sorry mess and was told to get his own electrician to check out his wiring. The electrician used his tester and told him that the installation was at fault because it wasn't working. Wasim then got back in touch with Bglobal and by 6pm another new meter was installed. However, Bglobal refutes utterly any fault and accepts no liability.

In fact, in a lengthy statement from the company, Bglobal chief operating officer Anthony Barnes suggests that someone had tampered with the installation. "Upon investigation our engineer found that a critical piece of equipment had been physically removed from the meter by persons unknown without authorisation. The part was found on the ground nearby the meter. It clearly displayed signs that it had been forcibly removed."

Barnes goes on to say that the meter was repaired and left safe, secure and in full working order.

Wasim refutes all this. "The electrician I called didn't do anything. He just tested it and said it wasn't working. The 'neutral' wire wasn't there. And when Bglobal's engineer came out he put in a new meter. Why would we tamper with anything?"

The matter is now being investigated by his insurance company.