Christine Donnelly, from Great Milton Post Office and Stores, Oxfordshire, has responded via email to two separate pieces I wrote in the Feb 20 issue - both of which are worth passing on.

She writes: "Re your piece on Raju Sachdev, I'd suggest he thinks again about what he owes E4B as I have the opposite problem and would love to be in his shoes. When E4B failed and British Gas took over no one asked customers to check their meters and give readings. They were just estimated (under-estimated at that). The new British Gas rates were significantly higher than the E4B ones and no one else came near to the E4B rates. It sounds as if they overestimated what Raju used, but he will be paying for that electricity at the old lower rate; his new rate won't kick in until his meter reaches the guestimated figure. I would have written that cheque fast before they changed their minds."

She then takes my 'mole' on post offices to task, saying that his theory that only subpost offices already on a closure list will be included in the next round of audits, is flawed.

"Your mole has it slightly wrong," she says. "Knowing who has been audited round here I would say it is saturation auditing. There is no way these are all on a secret closure list. Oddly enough, if I had to suggest a link I would say reverse alphabetical order!"