I don't get asked this very often - probably only once every few years. But while most businesses would view computerisation as essential to their efficient operation, it might not be for everyone.

The query comes from Alistair Main who is the postmaster at Ormiston Post Office in East Lothian. He says he has a small retail side to the business and although epos interests him, both from a sales and stock control viewpoint, he still operates with an ordinary till and pricing label guns.

The salient point is his convenience retail turnover which, at £150,000 per year, is pretty small, so would it be worthwhile investing? After all, epos ain't cheap.

But I don't feel qualified to answer this query so I think the horse's mouth would be best. What we really need here is someone with a fairly small turnover (another sub post office perhaps) which has taken the plunge and invested in epos, and can speak with authority. So, let's have some feedback please