Faisal Sattar emailed me because he was worried that Torex Retail would scrap the CTN Superstore system it bought last year (and which he bought two years ago). He asked me if I could scout around to find out what plans Torex had for it.
Turns out, Torex has big plans. I spoke to Bob Laidlaw who is support director for both the company's epos and back office systems. He told me: "We've integrated the Superstore system as much as possible with our Prism (back office) offering and Iridium (epos) support system," says Bob. "We've also integrated the software side. So, I can categorically say, no, we are not scrapping the Superstore system.
"We have about 1,200 Superstore retailers and we see it as an untapped market. We have allocated a product manager to oversee its development. We've got the latest update on trial at pilot sites and we're looking forward to hand-held terminals and improved supply links.
"We're very committed. We're also continuing to support the old DOS-based Supernews systems," he adds, "although we won't be enhancing it."
It so happened that I called Torex at a point when the company has just produced a letter to send to its newish CTN customers, to enlighten them to the future development of the Superstore system.
The letter, of which I have seen a draft copy, mentions that Torex wishes to allay any fears that retailers may have about their future with the Superstore system and to reassure customers that there is no intention to drop the product.
The letter, written by John Lewis, convenience and CTN sales manager, says that Torex has taken some time to listen to concerns and issues with the current offering, confirming improvements for the future.