Not for the first time I've received a complaint regarding news wholesalers' 'partners' ringing retailers to sell them 'extras' and managing to give the impression that they are the wholesaler themselves.

John Clement, of Clement's News in Hull, cited Partner Plus. "They work in conjunction with John Menzies and they caught my wife unawares. They say 'I'm calling on behalf of John Menzies'. She was busy so she just said yes, okay, go ahead and now I've got 200 CDs that I can't return for a year. It cost £140 plus Vat. I'm peeved at the way they went about it it could have just been staff they spoke to. They should ask to speak to the proprietor."

John heard the sales person on tape and pays him one compliment: "His sales patter was brilliant."

When I spoke to John he was planning to knock the money off his invoice and was in discussion with John Menzies over the matter.