A few issues back I asked, on behalf of Sam Shah, if anyone could clear up the confusion surrounding CCTV. What was best? (Police couldn’t help.) Glyn Reece, whose wife runs Penny’s convenience store in Chester, suggested a £500 full-colour package from Makro which came with all fixings and fittings.

John Middleton responded by saying a £30 LAN camera that retailers could hook up to their computer would do the job.

Glyn has now come back to say, yes, you can get your LAN camera from the internet for £30, but it’s not as simple as that. First, you need a £3,000 epos system to hook it to, plus cables, plus specialist hardware if you want more than one camera. He also takes issue with John’s suggestion that retailers need appropriate licences under the Data Protection Act to record in their shops.

“All you need is a sign on your door telling customers that they may be recorded on CCTV for their own safety and security.”

In a way, they are both right. The Information Commissioner’s Office tells me that yes, you need to register if you are recording images of people, but all you need in a small store is a clear sign to tell them that you are doing so.