I asked for feedback for Sam Shah who wanted some recommendations on buying or leasing CCTV. I received an ace response from Glyn Reece, who runs Penny’s in Chester and is my self-appointed ‘Northern representative’ (there are openings by the way for a West Country one, a North-Eastern one and, well, you get the picture).

Glyn sent me a picture from Makro’s catalogue. A colour CCTV bundle pack comprising (and I quote directly because I haven’t got a clue what most of the initials stand for): “A quad-colour camera system with 10in TFT security monitor and 80Gb DVR (I’m guessing 80 gigabyte digital video recorder), four colour cameras for outdoor use with night vision via LED, motion detection and one-way audio.” Plus all the fixings and plug-in whatevers.

All this can be yours for £499.99. I have to admit, it sounds like quite a bundle.