When is Post Office Ltd (POL) going to put its hand up and admit that its Horizon accounting system has 'glitches' in it costing numerous postmasters and mistresses their livelihoods and their reputations?

And 'glitch' is the word now being used by judges.

At a recent case heard at Chester Crown Court, the judge said that a 'glitch' in the computer system could have been at fault for the 'loss' of £45,000 from Scott Darlington's post office. He was given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay costs of £410.

His case highlights the fact that many postmasters are falsifying their accounts to cover stupendous 'losses' being totted up by Horizon.

Those involved in seeking justice for subpostmasters are counting it a victory that POL didn't recover this supposed loss.

In a comment on the Macclesfield Express website, a 'Lancashire lass' said she had been at a meeting of accused postmasters in November "and 50 showed up just in our area".

Scott Darlington claims that three dozen postmasters are currently in the same position as him and that BBC TV's Watchdog has been investigating.

I personally have a huge file of emails on this subject. There are lawyers (Coomber-Rich) gathering evidence; independent IT specialists being consulted; and Shoosmiths is looking at civil action on behalf of more than 100 postmasters on a no-win, no fee basis. Meanwhile, POL is trialling its new Horizon system. I have howling emails on that subject, too.

Lee Castleton, who was bankrupted by POL (resulting in him also being struck off as a stockbroker), continues to lobby hard. His hope is that his name will be cleared and compensation awarded.

The biggest problem is fear this is what has led many men and women of good character (you don't get accepted for the job without being good with figures and of good character) to fall back on false accounting.