Jim Perry, who runs Areley Kings Village Supermarket and Post Office, Worcestershire, uses TV screens to display his special-offer slide shows, rather than computer screens (the former are far cheaper). He says: "The screens have never been activated as TVs, never been tuned in to receive broadcasts, and have no aerial attached."

As a Londis member, Jim receives PDFs of special offers which he runs through his Apple Mac, adding his own specials. He then produces disks which he shows through the TV screens in-store.

He has one screen in the booze section and another in the post office area. He is soon to add a third for general grocery. There is no audio.

"Would you know how I stand for licensing?" asks Jim.

I was pretty sure he would be okay, but rang the PRS anyway. A reasonable guy on the other end of the phone said his doctor's surgery ran info on TV screens and this would be exempt.

The PPL, which collects on behalf of performers, would take the same view (unless you had all singing-and-dancing bottles of Coke, say).

As for TV licences (toughest of the bunch), its website says you do NOT need a licence for your business premises if the TV is never used to receive or record television programmes.

So on all three fronts, Jim is A-okay.