The subpostmasters have been 'on the march' again. By the time you read this the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance ( will have had their second meeting to amass further ammunition in their fight to convince the Post Office that the Horizon computer system used for their accounting is to blame for 'missing' hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Held on July 4 in a village hall in Kineton, Warwickshire, the agenda included a swapping of evidence and support material.

Many of those accused and convicted have written, at the jfsa's urging, to their MPs and are beginning to get decent feedback. Alan Bates, chairman, has said in his newsletter: "Please also contact David Jones MP (Clwyd West) who is trying to co-ordinate MP matters with regard to subpostmasters."

The alliance has retained the services of an IT specialist to act on its behalf as well as the solicitors firm Shoosmiths. Lee Castleton, bankrupted by the Post Office, (resulting in him also being struck off as a stockbroker) tells me: "They are almost ready to start proceedings for the first 20 civil cases."

For those of you who have never been a subpostmaster (and probably never want to be on reading this) the Post Office contract says that the retailer is responsible for all losses, which has led many to assume that the Post Office has no interest in looking for errors in its system.

If you want to share these aggrieved retailers' nightmares go on to the jfsa website. It makes for some grim reading.

If Shoosmiths start to win it will mean cleared names, compensation and, one imagines, heads rolling somewhere as it dawns on the upper echelon that, if this 'missing' money was 'repaid' (as it was in many instances by desperate people who couldn't see any other way out than by false accounting), then on which bit of the balance sheet should this money be placed? Slush fund anyone?