I get complaints about some companies with monotonous regularity; others I never hear about. Until very recently ShopEquip fell into the latter category and, apart from a brief blip, I believe all has now returned to harmony between supplier and customer.

Peter Cheema, the customer, did have an unfortunate experience, though, and would like to point out to others that, if you want a note counting machine and you trade in Scotland, you'd better make that sure the machine you order can recognise Scottish notes.

He bought both a coin and a note counter from ShopEquip for his Spar store, but the note counter was defective. ShopEquip advised him to ring the manufacturer, which he did and promptly got another note counter.

The replacement didn't work either but, as he discovered, it didn't work because it couldn't count Scottish notes. He was highly peeved and more so when a ShopEquip salesperson told him that he should have specified that he wanted a machine for Scottish notes.

"They knew I was in Stirling," he says. "What else would I want it for? Then they wanted to charge 25% handling fees although they have now given me a full refund."

When I spoke to sales director Lee Noble he pointed out that the company hadn't realised the counter wouldn't count Scottish notes and that the error was compounded by the fact that the first machine didn't work anyway.

Steps have since been taken to improve customer care. "We have amended our online listing already," said Lee, "and we will amend our supplement when it is next printed."

I gather there has also been some retraining of the team so that this won't happen again.

Bestway Cash & Carry: an apology

In the November 12 issue of this column we reported that a retailer claimed to have purchased from the Leicester branch of Bestway Cash & Carry packs of branded playing cards that he subsequently discovered were counterfeit products. We accept that Bestway had not sold counterfeit products, and apologise to Bestway for the error and for any embarrassment caused to the company.