As some of you will unfortunately know, I can’t always fix it. Sometimes I can tell you straightaway as in, no, the energy company/bank/insurance underwriter will not listen to me and won’t care what I write about them. Short-sighted of them, I know. 

Others listen good and act promptly to keep their reputation intact. Usually, ATM providers fall into this category, but not in Saleem Uddin’s case. 

He emailed some time ago to complain over his disappearing commission (languishing at zero for the past four months) and increased surcharges through YourCash (formerly Hanco). 

He was one of the first in the UK to have a Hanco machine and says: “We have been loyal to them for over 10 years, even when other companies were trying to poach us when our contract was up for renewal.” 

The deal had been generous in the fi rst place, £1 per transaction, and was renewed as such. The fee to the customer was £1.50 and this has since risen to £1.65, Scammertime is here again although Saleem maintains that he did not agree to this. 

YourCash has responded to what Sian Carlisle, head of change & marketing, has called “a tricky situation”. She adds: “Saleem owns the ATM at his store, Uddins, and the ATM is managed by YourCash. Unfortunately, over the past three years the ATM has performed an average of 33 cash withdrawals a month and is regretfully making a loss for YourCash. 

“In 2010, with Saleem’s consent, we increased the surcharge on his ATM from £1.50 to £1.65 to help make the machine profi table (the average ATM surcharge fee is £1.73). We also switched Saleem onto a new deal where we pay no commission for the fi rst 60 cash withdrawals to allow us to cover our costs. We provide transaction processing, marketing support, a helpdesk and maintenance to Saleem at no charge. Saleem then earns an income from all cash withdrawals over 60 per month. 

“We have explored the possibility of placing a free-touse machine in the store to boost transactions. However, we do not think there would be suffi cient demand to make it a viable option. 

“Unfortunately, the ATM is still making a loss, but we do see an increase in transactions during the summer to more than 60 a month. We are still running the machine for Saleem because of our long-term relationship with him and as he still very much wants to offer an ATM service to his customers.” 

But Saleem came back with: “Why would we agree to zero commission and an increase in charges? When we asked them if this was legal the reply was that, even though our contract did not allow this, it also did not prohibit these actions.” 

I did suggest that Saleem contacted Lawyers for your Business for a free consultation, but I suspect that the contract does contain some sort of clause that allows for this type of change. Contracts are written with the client in mind, not the customer of the client.