Zac Hussain wants to pass on a tip to other NFRN members. He got signed up to Utilities Savings Corporation (an energy broker) on the NFRN's say-so. "I signed a letter back in March to let USC approach my energy supplier. They were supposed to do all the running around and take the headache away."

Didn't happen like that, though. Zac's supplier is EDF, which has no tender with USC. "My contract ran out on June 1 and EDF switched me to a day rate and my bill, which was previously about £350 at most, went up to £1,000 a month."


By the time he found out, there was £1,500 to pay.

"I went to USC and found out that they only do EON and one or two others," he says, "and they had no tender with EDF. They said the paperwork takes 120 days before they can act on it. Why didn't they say at the time?"

He also maintains that he never got the first contract that EDF supposedly sent him. The company has now sent him a new one that started in August.

"They could have backdated it to May, but won't. I just want to let other NFRN retailers know about this," says Zac.