Haribo is extending its top-selling brands into impulse formats.

New chewy bar Haribo Tangfastics Stixx sits alongside two 38g bags of Hearts and Rings from Starmix. These products are joined by a Maoam Pinballs stick pack, which contains 10 balls (rrp of 30p).

Marketing manager Hayley Johnson said: “Our investment into extending our impulse range marks an exciting move for Haribo and Maoam. When it comes to driving sales of confectionery, we know that brands that consumers know and trust create strong opportunities for retailers. We are strengthening this further by introducing good value treats that will add fun and excitement into the confectionery aisle.

“Haribo and Maoam, as leaders within the gums and jellies and fruity chew sectors, have worked extensively over recent years to offer a full range of pack formats - this includes the popular portion-controlled treats and single serve bags. Adding this smaller pack format to our range strengthens the variety of treats that we offer to consumers.”