Retailers can add some interest to their confectionery fixture with Ohso ‘Clever’ Chocolate, which is said to benefit gut health.

Single 13.5g bars (rrp 60p) come in either a 24 bar counter-ready case or a 300 bar case, while seven bar ‘weekly’ packs (rrp £4.59) come in either a 10 pack shelf-ready case or a 50 pack case.

Suitable as an ‘on the go’ snack, and also as an accompaniment to a hot beverage, Ohso ‘Clever’ Chocolate is a ‘permissible’ treat, containing over a billion live cultures, which are believed to benefit the gut. The live bacteria in the Belgian chocolate are said to be three times more likely to get through to the gut than those in a probiotic yoghurt.

Single bars come in plain and orange flavours, and the No Added Sugar range is available in plain, raspberry and lemon.

Co-founder and chief executive Andrew Marten said: “Government concerns relating to obesity and associated sugar content of food products – confectionery and carbonated drinks in particular - are well documented and we are constantly seeing manufacturers striving to take calories out of confectionery, without eroding the taste.

“Here we have a great tasting chocolate, which actively promotes health and ticks all those boxes. A 13.5g bar represents only 70 calories to the consumer whilst they enjoy over a billion live cultures, which is a powerful aid in the health of the gut.”

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