Last year retailer Craig Dike finished a finalist in the Top Shop Awards but got the girl - this year he won both the top award and a bride.

Craig of Budgens, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somerset, noticed Budgens head office employee Suzanne Thorpe as soon as he saw her at his table at C-Store’s awards event in 2004. However, he almost scuppered his chances by letting business partner Adam Vincent ask for her number.

Craig and Suzanne were planning to go to New York to celebrate their anniversary this year but after Craig heard that he and Vincent were finalists in the 2005 awards he decided to put off the holiday until the day after. He said: “Winning the top prize was fantastic and I knew that I was planning to propose on holiday so it made the evening extra special.” Craig denied any plans to marry at next year’s awards, settling on a ceremony in the summer of 2007 instead.