Cider maker Aston Manor is taking steps to reduce plastic use across its multipack canned range by replacing shrinkwrap and plastic rings with cardboard equivalents.

Aston Manor Cider Cardboard Packaging

The company has invested in an eco-card packing machine to cope with the change, which forms part of its sustainability programme to save raw materials.

The eco-friendly cardboard multipacks will be rolled out across best-selling brands such as Crumpton Oaks, Friels and Frosty Jack’s. All products have established listings across the convenience channel.

Jamie Weall, Aston Manor’s head of compliance, commented: “As all of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable, it is the next significant and logical step for the business to take to replace shrink wraps and plastic rings with a more sustainable cardboard option.

“We have moved to install the eco-card packing machine at our Tiverton site as we are striving to remove unnecessary plastics from our products. These alternatives make is much easier for customers to recycle once they have enjoyed our cider.

“It has been a clear priority for Aston Manor over several years to become as sustainable as possible. We have taken important measures across every facet of the business to deliver on this promise,” Weall added.