Aston Manor Cider has pledged to switch to 51% recycled content in all large pack plastic bottles, as part of the company’s sustainability plan.

Aston Manor Cider's brand Crumpton Oaks

Saving approximately 1,000 tonnes of raw material annually, the recycled material will be used across Aston Manor Cider’s portfolio of products and roll-out to store over the next few months.

Aston Manor Cider head of compliance and sustainability, Jamie Weall, said: “We are proud to be driving sustainability in the alcohol industry by becoming the first business to deliver 51% recycled material into our packaging. This is a clear priority for Aston Manor Cider and supports our wider investment in sustainability.

“We recognise that consumers, customers and the government want to see action on this and we are proud to be the first to step up. Our commitment to deliver this is sincere and backed by industry leading innovation to make it a reality. Not only is this a significant step for Aston Manor Cider, but the mainstream cider industry too, as we produce numerous brands and own label cider this will reach millions of consumers.”

Aston Manor Cider, which has sites in the West Midlands and Devon, is also a member of the UK-wide On-Pack Recycling Label scheme.