Government-funded energy body Enviro-wise has warned independent retailers they could be missing out on substantial savings by failing to follow a few simple energy-saving measures.
A survey carried out by the organisation found that a third of independent retailers had yet to tackle environmental issues in their stores. It also revealed that only 19% recognised the potential for saving money through 'green' initiatives - estimated by Envirowise to be as high as £250 per employee per year.
Retail specialist at Envirowise Chris Hodgson said: "This is an area where a little investment can pay big dividends in terms of improved efficiency and lower overheads. Implementing simple measures to improve resource efficiency, such as using raw materials, water and energy more effectively, can make valuable savings in a matter of months."
Retailer Ramesh Shingadia says he tries to be as efficient as possible at his Londis store in Southwater, West Sussex: "Our light bulbs are energy saving and we recycle our cardboard. We also switch off alcohol chillers overnight and encourage staff to turn off lights that aren't needed."

Energy-saving tips

Replace inefficient lighting with energy-efficient bulbs
Reduce and recycle waste materials and save money by paying less for your rubbish collections
Check water meters regularly to help identify whether there are leaks - if the meter is running when the shop is closed there is probably a leak
Exploit the opportunity to re-use items normally thrown away after their initial purpose, such as empty boxes
Turn your heating down by just one degree and save up to 8% on your energy bill.
Source: Envirowise