An independent retailer is causing a stir by refusing to sell energy drinks to children.

Wendy Day, who runs Church's Newsagents in Keynsham, Bath, wants age-restrictions on the sale of energy drinks, and is urging younger customers to buy fruit instead.

"I have a responsibility as a retailer to inform children that these drinks are not suitable for them," said Wendy. "Most drinks have a small print warning on them, but manufacturers should be doing more to prohibit their consumption by children."

Ramesh Shingadia of Londis Southwater, West Sussex, said he was also wary of selling energy drinks to under-16s, but that more investigation was needed before introducing restrictions.

"If they are proved to be harmful to health then I would welcome an age ban, but until then retailers must exercise a common sense approach to sales," he said.

Earlier this month the British Soft Drinks Association released a code of practice for the promotion of products that are high in caffeine. It stated that all products that contain more than 150mg of caffeine per litre must display a 'not suitable for children, pregnant women and persons sensitive to caffeine' warning.