Young employees are being asked to take greater responsibility for their health and safety by speaking up if they feel any aspects of their job are unsafe.

A British Safety Council-run campaign 'Speak Up Stay Safe' coincides with new figures showing that more than 3,200 young people were injured at their place of work in 2009.

In the past 10 years, 66 young workers have been killed in the workplace. British Safety Council chief executive Julie Nerney said she hoped that the campaign to help young people feel more confident about confronting their supervisors could help to significantly reduce this number in the future.

The most common injuries in retail stores are slips and trips on wet or uneven surfaces.

Earlier this month Londis retailer Kishor Chandegra was fined £17,000 after an accident left one of his employees partially blind. He had slipped on a wet ramp while unloading deliveries and was then hit in the face with the falling roll cage.

The court heard how roll cages had routinely got stuck on the series of ramps, but no action had been taken to fix the problem.