British Gas has confirmed that former customers of Energy 4 Business (E4B), the electricity supply company which went into administration on October 24, are free to chose their future supplier.

Ofgem, the gas and electricity industry regulator, appointed British Gas Business (BGB) as replacement supplier for E4B customers. However, Barrow-in-Furness retailer Peter Watt found the rates offered were much higher than his previous contract and was reluctant to sign up as he has had previous problems with the supplier (C-Store, April 6, 2007).

"I had a horrendous time with it in the past, and I felt it was implying that I had to accept its offer immediately, or I would end up with an even higher tariff," he said.

A BGB spokesman told C-Store: "E4B customers do have the option of going to an alternative supplier, but we are sure that the contract options we will be able to provide will be extremely competitive."