Credit: Tee2Sugars

A mural depicting a viral video has appeared on the security shutters of a Best One store in Tonteg, South Wales.

The CCTV video featured Anne Hughes, a 72-year-old woman, seen getting lifted 7ft high in the air as her coat got caught in the opening shutter while holding onto her trolley.

A store employee immediately rushed to help her, while another staff member lowered the shutter back down.

The ordeal has been witnessed by millions online and has now been immortalised into artwork by Welsh mural artist Tee2Sugars.

Speaking to Convenience Store, Tee2Sugars said: “I did it because it’s a viral hit. So to be asked to immortalise Anne Hughes on the same shutter was a no-brainer. She was a great sport about it all, and a lovely lady. Now her viral moment will be remembered forever at Best One in Tonteg.”


The paint job has stirred up excitement on the store’s Facebook page.