meet and deep

Credit: Deepen Patel

Selfless Shasi and Pallu Patel of Meet and Deep News have been recognised by Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway for their 40 years of extraordinary dedication and support to the Twickenham community.

Discover some of the heartful gestures that Meet and Deep News has committed to its community.

Speaking to Convenience Store, son and retailer Deep unveiled his parents’ unforgettable experience at the live show a couple of weeks ago.

Believing they were invited as part of the audience, little did they know they were going to be awarded a dream holiday on national TV.

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“They had no idea they were going to win a getaway price from all the community work they do from their newsagents in Twickenham. They also weren’t aware they had won a holiday. They thought when they were given the plaque, that the prize was to have the plaque,” said Deep.

He revealed that it wasn’t until they were asked to fill in paperwork after leaving the studio, that they discovered they had won a holiday.

“It was amazing. It was the best surprise they have ever had and it has really made them so happy.”

Before they were aware of the big surprise, Shashi and Pallu insisted on bringing two bags of pick and mix for Ant and Dec.

“I said mum, they are fully grown men, not children, and she said they are still children to me. So they picked our top-selling sweets and put them in two separate bags hoping to give them to security. But when they were chosen they were able to give them to them themselves.”

Deep mentioned that they thought the sweets would just be put aside, however later on in the evening they watched Ant and Dec leave the studio with the pick and mix in hand. “They were both proudly carrying the sweets, so they obviously appreciated mum’s gesture.”

“A lot of people have come into the store saying how happy they are for them, how well-deserved it is and how proud they felt seeing their local newsagents on national TV. My mum and dad have been over the moon from all the love from the community. Strangers are even stopping them on the high street and it’s so nice to see them recognised after they have practically put their whole lives into the store,” said Deep.