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Natalie Lightfoot, Londis Solo Baillieston

In a collaborative effort to combat period poverty, Snappy Shopper has teamed up with female retailers in Scotland to deliver free sanitary products until 6 March.

Customers can now add a free sanitary product to their basket with ‘no questions asked’, thanks to the grocery delivery companies’ pledge to provide free tampons and sanitary pads.

In the UK, one in ten girls cannot afford to buy menstrual products, while one in seven struggled to afford them, according to a survey by Plan International UK. 

The initiative hopes to ”be the first step in a long-term effort which will allow Snappy Shopper to support the period poverty movement wherever possible,” said Snappy Shopper. 

Supported by female retailers, the pilot programme funded by Snappy Shopper has launched in four stores: Londis Solo Baillieston, Spar Condorrat, One Stop Stoneyburn and One Stop Patrick.

Lisa Venter chief transformation officer at Snappy Shopper said: “Period poverty is a very real challenge faced by people who menstruate throughout the UK. Knowing that there are still young girls wrapping their pants with toilet paper, or not going to school due to lack of products sits heavily with me. Being able to support them and their families privately is of the utmost importance.

“While the Scottish government is taking steps to combat this issue, we at Snappy Shopper believe free sanitary products should be freely accessible in as many places as possible, which is why we’re making a point on our app in partnership with several of our retailers in Glasgow and West Lothian.

Participating retailers have pledged to match the number of items given away to donate to various local charities.

Natalie Lightfoot of Londis Solo Baillieston said: “The team at Londis is excited to partner with Snappy Shopper to bring awareness to the issue of period poverty in Scotland. We understand the serious financial pressures and taboos faced by women in Scotland who menstruate. Following the pilot, Londis will donate a number of period products to the Glasgow NE Foodbank.”

Customers can claim the free items by clicking a banner on the Snappy Shopper app and adding one of three period products to their basket.

The promotion will be supported by advertisement across Snappy Shopper’s social media platforms, urging customers to make use of the scheme.

In a LinkedIn post, Greg Deacon vice president of Snappy Shopper Group wrote: “This endeavor relies on the collaboration and generosity of our amazing retailers to ensure its sustainability. I am confident that this initiative will grow and expand over time. ”