Cuckoo rapper_Notays Convenience Store

Notay’s Convenience Store in Batley is the location of a new music video for ‘Estate’ - the latest release from up-and-coming local rap artist Cuckoo. 

The song talks about day-to-day life living on an estate and features Cuckoo, whose real name is Colby Smith, rapping outside the front of the store, as well as inside the shop on the security cameras. 

Serge Notay_headshot

Serge Notay

Store owner Serge Notay welcomed the opportunity for his store to feature in the video.

“He (Cuckoo) came in to buy some snacks and stuff and said ‘you don’t mind us making a video outside your shop do you?’” said Serge. “I said ‘why don’t you come inside the store?’”

The rapper jumped at the chance and used Serge’s CCTV to film himself performing in the shop.

WARNING: This video contains offensive language and content which may cause offence.

The video was released last Friday and Serge has been busy sharing it on community social media pages. “I’m happy to help out any community project,” explains Serge, adding that Cuckoo’s mum is a regular customer. 

The video’s release has caused plenty of excitement in the area. “Quite a few local customers have been in and mentioned it,” said Serge. “They’re saying ‘Batley’s on the map!’”

Estate is one of eight tracks on Cuckoo’s new EP Odyssey.

Cuckoo rapper_CCTV_Notays Convenience Store