Scotmid raises £295,000 for Guide Dogs

Scotmid and Guide Dogs’ charity partnership has raised £295,000 to support people living with sight loss.

Scotmid colleagues, customers and members have helped raise the money through a range of activities, including in-store raffles, physical challenges, bingo nights, and community events.

The funds raised will make a significant difference by training two Guide Dog Mobility Specialists and three Habilitation Specialists, as well as setting a whole litter of puppies off on their journey to become future life-changers for people affected by sight loss in our community.

Mobility Specialists play a crucial role in partnering life-changing guide dogs with individuals facing sight loss. Such partnerships enhance general mobility, while also fostering confidence and independence. The result is expanded opportunities for social interaction, reduced isolation, and an improved ability to navigate the community.

Habilitation Specialists focus on empowering children and young people with vision impairments, equipping them with essential skills to lead independent and active lives. From fostering early physical development to enabling safe navigation of streets, preparation of meals, financial literacy, and technology usage, Habilitation Specialists provide comprehensive support.

Kyla McVicar, business development manager at Guide Dogs Scotland, said: “We are blown away by the efforts made by Scotmid staff, members and customers to raise funds and awareness for Guide Dogs. Thanks to them, we are now in a position to raise and train a whole litter of guide dogs and five new highly trained specialists –– this will help funding hundreds of people who struggle with sight loss.”

Scotmid chief executive John Brodie said: “Guide Dogs works tirelessly in our communities to improve the lives of adults and children affected by vision impairments, as well as their families. We’re proud of everyone who got involved and helped raise a fantastic amount for such a worthwhile cause. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you.

“The success of this charity partnership serves as a testament to the impact that collective efforts can achieve. Through the generosity and dedication of Scotmid and its supporters, countless lives will be positively transformed.”