New research has revealed that two-thirds of consumers would be happy to pay more for sustainable products.

The study, carried out by Vypr for its latest Food for Thought report, found that 55% of consumers would be willing to pay a little more for sustainable products, while 11% would be willing to pay a lot more.

More than half of those surveyed (58%) said that they actively or sometimes choose sustainable products when they can, while 16% said that sustainability was not a factor at all in their shopping habits.

People have also changed daily routines to become more sustainable. This includes recycling more (58%), choosing products with less packaging (36%), choosing local produce (27%) and reducing the amount of meat consumed (26%).

The survey also revealed that consumers would like to see in more eco-friendly packaging for ready meals, coffee beans, fruit and veg, products in plastic trays such as meat, crisps and biscuits, crates of alcoholic drinks and cleaning and hygiene products.

Ben Davies, founder of Vypr, said: “The message from consumers for brands and retailers is quite clear. Only a third believe that businesses are doing enough towards sustainability. With such a wide choice of brands and retailers, consumers can easily shop around to find sustainable products at a price they’re happy to pay so sustainability is only going to get bigger and more important.

“Becoming even more sustainable now and ensuring that all policies and practices are transparent will mean businesses won’t be tarnished with the green-washing brush and will keep consumers’ trust. This will help future proof brands as the call for more sustainability will not be going away.”