Scottish retailer Harris Aslam has launched his own slush brand and installed new machines in four of his Nisa-supplied stores.

The owner of Eros Retail in Scotland first launched the Skwishee brand earlier this year and is looking to offer a flexible approach to selling self-serve frozen fizzy slush.

Harris said: “We’re already looking to roll the concept out to other convenience retailers. In the first three weeks of introducing the machines we have already had an overwhelming response.

“We’ve averaged three-times higher sales per day than the busiest slush sales ever, which was during 18c weather in May 2017. Not only that, we also donate a portion of profits to charities providing clean drinking water throughout the world. At the moment, the cost of equipment is quite high but we’re making 60% margin on each Skwishee sold so it’s had a positive effect on the store as a whole.”

He added: “We have built up a great response just simply by using social media and with fun ideas like edible straws. We are already planning to introduce more flavours, a Frozen Friday BOGOF [Buy one get one free] promotion and bring-your-own-cup event.”