UK Charity Week - MADL

Five UK causes have benefited from Nisa’s ‘Give Five £500’ colleague donations as Making a Difference Locally’s (MADL) celebrates UK Charity Week 2023.

The five causes benefitting from MADL funding are Lindsey Lodge Hospice, 4Louis, Bearded Fishermen, LAILA and Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA).

To further promote UK Charity Week, MADL will be donating warm adult clothing for a local homeless shelter, hosting a bake sale, creating care packs for a local care home and producing hampers for families in the local area.

Nisa colleagues will also be wrapping 100 presents which will be donated to local children through the Kixx Christmas toy drive.

Head of charity at Nisa Kate Carroll, said: “MADL supports Nisa retailers to make a difference every week of the year and will be supporting UK Charity Week to ensure several national and local charities receive the funding they rely on. The charities will benefit from a much-needed financial boost to help them continue their essential work in supporting those in need. We are delighted to celebrate UK Charity Week and support five amazing causes with our ‘Give Five £500’ donation.”