Nisa Local Scotter

Nisa Local Scotter in Gainsborough has donated £2,500 to local community organisations through Making a Difference Locally (MADL) so far in 2023.

Three donations of £500 each came through MADL’s Heart of Community Awards and were donated to Scotter School, Bearded Fishermen and Hope House Cancer Support.

A £1,000 donation, through a community funding opportunity with Galaxy Ripple, was also put towards a Wi-Fi booster for the Teen Shelter at Scotter War Memorial Playing Fields.

The Wi-Fi booster allows the teens to connect with their families and friends, do their schoolwork, and access other resources.

“We are committed to giving back to our local community,” said Gurinder Nijjar, store manager of Nisa Local Scotter. “We believe that these organisations are doing important work, and we are proud to support them through MADL.”

Kate Carroll, head of charity at Nisa, added: “It’s fantastic to see Nisa Local Scotter putting their MADL money to great use and donating to such a diverse range of causes in their local community.

“We are also delighted to work with Galaxy Ripple on this funding opportunity for young people and I’m sure the shelter will continue to do great work with the aid of the Wi-Fi provided to them by their local Nisa store.”