Profit Driver Asset_mock up

Bestway has identified key products for retailers as part of its new Bestway Profit Drivers scheme.

Bestway Profit Drivers has been created to give retailers instant recognition and identification of key retail lines that are top selling products. Under the programme, these lines will receive continual focus, visibility, and marketing support.

Bestway’s group trading director Kenton Burchell, explained that up to 200 lines have been identified as top selling lines and when including all variants, the collection will consist of around 300 SKUs.

“These lines are being continually benchmarked against competitors, both nationally and regionally”, he said. “They are price checked every week and will give our retailers total confidence that they are stocking the ‘right products at the right price’.

“This is a major launch within our all year round promotional and pricing proposition and will give our retailers a real business advantage and greater value through retaining competitive pricing, and more sales mechanics.”

He added that these lines are “key profit drivers for everything that Bestway represents, forming a powerful range offer that can be seen through the shopper lens”.

“These lines are the bedrock of our retailers’ business” he said. “So it is enormously important to us that we ensure continuity, availability, and competitive advantage. To do that, we have worked collaboratively with our suppliers and taken a forensic approach to these key profit driving lines. They now form the centre stage for our business, and we are working with our supply partner to give every support to retailers. That is by heightening their awareness of which products they should be making more visible on shelf, giving them the information to market them at the right price and support those products through marketing activity that goes ‘through the line’.”