Inch’s Cider has partnered with Nisa and its Make a Difference Locally (MADL) charity to collaborate with three stores across the UK.

Through the partnership, the three stores - Nisa stores in Dallam, Ely and Wigan - have been provided with a vibrant outdoor area, complete with Inch’s Cider planters that have built-in benches to provide shoppers with an area to sit and relax. Each planter is also packed full of colourful plants, as well as apple trees – a nod to the Inch’s brand. All of the plants have been specially selected to be low maintenance and suitable for the light level and exposure of each store, allowing busy retailers to achieve maximum impact, for minimum time and effort. Each store owner has been provided with a detailed plant-care guide, to help them look after the plants and ensure they have all the necessary information to keep their plants looking healthier for longer.

Muriel Boelen, Inch’s Cider marketing manager said: “We know how important stores are to local communities and we want to bring more green space to urban areas. So, by working in partnership with Nisa’s Make a Difference Locally we are able to support retailers beyond just product and give back to them with a green space that will benefit their whole community. We’ve found that all the chosen retailers have been really receptive to their transformations, and we hope to inspire other retailers with ways in which they can optimise their outdoor space and promote the importance of looking after the local environment.”

Mike Sohal from Nisa, Dallam, one of the stores to receive the community garden makeover, said: “It’s such a great feeling to be able to help and support wherever and in whichever way you can, and the community garden has been a small way for us to give back to our shoppers. The makeover has been warmly received by customers and has brought a smile to many people’s faces. We even had one customer ask if he could look after an apple tree from one of the planters!”

Kate Carroll, head of charity & community from MADL, added: “We are delighted to partner with Inch’s on this project and truly believe that these makeovers will make a difference locally. As we move into Autumn, we are looking forward to seeing these outdoor spaces thrive and develop. We always love to see what a difference our Nisa partners can make to their communities, and we are proud to support them through MADL.”