Central England Co-operative customers and members have donated more than 25,000 items as part of an Easter Foodbank Appeal.

The society hosted the special two-week campaign in order to support individuals and families in crisis.

Co-op staff at more than 180 food stores across 16 counties encouraged people to use in-store drop off points and worked alongside local foodbanks to raise awareness.

More than 2,200 food parcels were created during the 14 day event, each one providing families with at least three days worth of meals for those in need.

Central England Co-operative chief executive Martyn Cheatle said: “We have been overwhelmed with the fact that in just two weeks we have had enough food donated to create 7,000 meals for people in need and make a real difference in our communities.

 “Following the success of the Easter Foodbank Appeal, we want to appeal to our customers and members to continue to support our foodbanks throughout 2018 to help provide meals for people in need across the area all year round.

He added: “Everyone at Central England Co-op would like to thank our members and customers for their generosity and supporting us in this project.”

The Central England society recently collected more than 60,000 items as part of its Christmas Foodbank Appeal – which helped create more than 16,000 meals.