Barassie Day Today in Troon, Scotland, has started working with Scottish food supplier Rice n Spicy to become a collection point for the company’s Punjab cuisine.

Barassie Day Today Rice n Spicy

The partnership allows customers to order traditional Asian dishes online, through the Rice n Spicy website, and visit the Troon store to collect their food.

Barassie store owners Ross Macpherson and Mandi Duncan met with the company last month and set up an in-store sampling event for shoppers to try the products and build excitement for the takeaway-style service.

Mandi explained how the partnership first came about: “My brother in law works near to where Rice n Spicy is based, which is about a 30 minute drive from us,” she said.

“He got talking with them and we took the opportunity to work together to bring the service to our store. We don’t really have to do anything in-store as it is all done online.”

Day-Today Barassie

Food is delivered at the back of Mandi’s Day-Today store and dishes are stored in a fridge, usually for about 20 minutes, before the Rice n Spicy user comes in to pick up their order.

Deliveries are currently made on a Thursday afternoon for customers who place their order before 5pm on the previous Monday. Each of the Rice n Spicy dishes are served in pouches or sealed containers, giving them a shelf life of up to seven days.

After only a short period using the service, Mandi said she was confident the products would appeal to families with their fresh ingredients and home-made taste.

“Average spend at the moment is about £5.20 and that is just from three customers and in less than a week,” she asserted. “Not only do we benefit from the additional customers that are coming into the store but we also get 5% of the sales that come through our store.

“As the service expands, the hope is that customers will buy other things along the way, like a bottle of wine from us to go with their meal. The really good thing about doing a service like this is that it doesn’t cost anything and there is no waste.”

Mandi added: “Local people already know about Rice n Spicy so hopefully our click and collect point will take off. We are hoping to stock the company’s products in the chiller as ready meals if they are successful.”

Rice n Spicy has confirmed it is looking to partner with more retailers to expand its service in central Scotland.

The company’s creative director Rashed Ghani said: “We are always looking for additional quality partners to work with us. We work closely with a number of retailers for our click & collect service, where customers order online and their orders are delivered to their chosen store to collect at their convenience.

“We have found that this works well for both ourselves and the retailers as it helps drive additional footfall and customers generally purchase additional items from the store, so its basically a win-win scenario. Retailers also get commission payments on click & collect sales for keeping them chilled.”

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