The latest initiative to support the independent retail sector – National Walk & Shop Day – is to take place on September 16.
The idea has come from the My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) campaign, and is designed to maintain the momentum for local shopping celebrated in last month’s National Independents’ Week.

The day is designed to draw attention to the positive environmental impact and local community benefit of leaving the car at home and walking to the local store instead.

MSYS chairman Alan Toft said: “MSYS trialled the Walk & Shop theme in the autumn of 2008, and media interest and coverage was immediate. September 16 will see the launch of an on-going campaign to ensure local shops get recognition for the part they can play in curbing CO2 emissions.

“The objective for September 16 is to sow the Walk & Shop seed into the awareness of the local family business whose customers are putting a high priority on climate change issues” he added.

Toft suggests that retailers organise competitions and other activities themed around walking, recycling or saving food waste to attract footfall to local stores. Some of the UK’s leading manufacturers have already expressed an interest in supporting the campaign.

Go green
Download a personalised store poster with carbon saving data from the campaign website