Crime is a persistent and worrying concern for many store owners, and a sizeable negative to take the gloss off all the positives of running your own business.

What's it all about?

Our long-running Zero Tolerance campaign, supported by Loomis, offers advice on how to combat retail crime and deter anti-social behaviour in and around your store by taking sensible precautions, finding innovative solutions and by investing in equipment, staff training and community projects.

We also recognise that crime can come from within as well. Retailers have to be aware of the temptations facing the people they trust to work in their store. Through our campaign, we inform readers of new technology and practices available to help ensure they don't lose money from staff fraud.

We also show how retailers can work together in the fight against crime by setting up in partnership with local authorities, the police, other retailers and residents' associations.

What we've done

In the nine years since we first launched the campaign, we have profiled dozens of retailers who have taken positive action in their local community to prevent criminals and other anti-social elements damaging their businesses. Through our campaign, retailers can share their ideas and experiences with others who may face similar situations.

Every year Convenience Store chooses a Zero Tolerance Award winner. This is a retailer who has gone above
Act now:
Don't ignore crime: tell the police about every incident that occurs in your store
and beyond the call of duty for both their store and their local area. This year's winners, Lesley and William Brown, worked to bring their neighbourhood together by helping to install a community office on the local housing estate. They were also instrumental in forcing a group of drug dealers out of the area.

Next steps

We will continue to lobby the government to take steps to protect local retailers, staff and all those connected with serving the community in a more effective and consistent way. We believe that those who violently attack or threaten store staff should get the sentence they deserve. We assert that the penalties currently given for attacks on police officers and paramedics should be extended to retail staff as an effective deterrent to criminals.

We will be urging the police to give a higher priority to retail crime, to take account of the fact that c-stores with long opening hours are particularly vulnerable to criminal raids.

We will also be actively campaigning to encourage the government and police to recognise the debilitating affect shoplifting can have on the bottom line of retail businesses, and the pressures staff face every day in the front line of enforcing the law. To demonstrate this we will need your help to ensure every incident is logged.

We will also be looking at new ways of tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, speaking to retailers about how they defend their staff and livelihood, as well as informing you of all of the latest security equipment available and the changes to legislation you need to know.