A group of traders in Felmores End in Essex have succeeded in having a CCTV system reinstated after the council removed it, claiming it was ineffective.

Essex Federation of Small Businesses acted on their behalf when local store owners said they felt exposed and vulnerable after the cameras were removed.

FSB Businesses Against Crime spokeswoman Glenys Chatterley said: "All the evidence shows that where CCTV cameras are visible it acts as a deterrent to those intent on being anti-social or breaking the law, so businesses were understandably concerned when cameras were removed."

Andrew Baggott, local councillor responsible for communities, said: "The council has listened to concerns expressed by the community and will be reinstating the cameras."

The government plans to introduce new regulations for local authorities and police forces covering CCTV cameras, which will "protect people from unwarranted state intrusion".

Under the Protection of Freedoms Bill, local authorities and police forces will have to "have regard to the surveillance code", which government says is designed to make CCTV more "proportionate and effective".