The Health Lottery is continuing to grow despite coming under fire from the media watchdog and retailers.

It has announced two new changes to its weekly draw. Magic Monday offers players the opportunity to use their tickets to obtain offers or free gifts from the Health Lottery’s high street partners. It has also introduced a guaranteed winner commitment so if no one has correctly chosen the five winning balls, one ticket will be selected at random to win.

Meanwhile, the Advertising Standards Authority has launched an investigation after members of the public complained that editorial which appeared in the Daily Star and Daily Express should have been labelled as advertisements.

Retailers are continuing to have difficulties, too. Neil Pollard of Oxclose Topshop in Washington, Tyne & Wear, said he was “ecstatic” when he first found out he would be able to offer the lottery game, but has received no visits or training from Health Lottery reps since its installation. He reports he has contacted the Health Lottery several times, but that the situation hasn’t been resolved. 

Nigel Crocker of Hayes News in Cardiff is considering giving up his Health Lottery as customers are getting fed up with the queues at the tills. “I will be doing an evaluation after the sixth draw and if I find I am losing money on it, as I suspect I am, I will withdraw the service from my store,” he said. 

Health Lottery sales director Tony Holmes urged any retailers having issues to contact the trade helpline (0843 216 6500) or online at