In this episode our experts explore:

Sainsbury’s closing its wholesale business

Did they see the announcement coming? What impact could this have on the convenience retail landscape? Why might Sainsbury’s have made this decision? What is the knock-on effect to Simply Fresh and its retailers? Will Sainsbury’s get the opportunity to work with a symbol group again, or has the trust been impacted?

The impact of the pandemic on FTG

The impact of home working? What innovation have we seen from retailers and brands to mitigate the challenges the pandemic has posed? How have retailers worked with foodservice operators to open up more opportunities? Are retailers investing in their FTG offering?

The opportunities and challenges posed by HFSS

The convenience sector over-indexes hugely in impulse purchasing, with over half of convenience store shoppers buying products on impulse. With restrictions to be placed on promotions and product placement, what are the challenges and opportunities to retailers around food to go? Will the legislation have any impact on demand? How can impacted categories capitalise on meal deals?

Shopper behaviour by store location

How does shopper behaviour differ between city centres and suburban stores? Has flexible working levelled the playing field? Can suburban stores use FTG to drive footfall amongst home workers? What do retailers need to do to get their marketing right?