This episode of The Convenience Mix explores the growth of home delivery in the sector, including how retailers are embracing this new opportunity. It examines how top retailers have grown their offering over the past year and how they’ve made use of the data that comes with home delivery.


The power of data

The acceleration of digital has given business more power through accessible data that enables them to learn more about their customers. How can retailers use this data to improve their offering? Throughout the podcast, we identify the opportunities that enhanced data offers convenience store retailers and how they can use to their advantage.

The future of delivery

With the pandemic coming to an end, has the home delivery trend run its course or is there opportunity for growth? Our experts unpick this in detail and highlight where the challenges and opportunities lie, including what shoppers want from a home delivery service, whether there can be too much competition in one area and some of the differences between in-store and online shopping.

A retailer perspective

We speak to Amrit Pahal of Nisa Local High Heath to understand his perspective on home delivery and the impact it has had on his business. Amrit talks through the process of growing his delivery business, the opportunities for convenience stores to challenge other online retailers, his advice to anyone considering introducing home delivery and much more.