Symbol group Select & Save has signed a new supply contract with Nisa.

The group has been supplied by Nisa since 1999, following the purchases of the fascia brand from P&H by independent retailers Kam Sanghera and Steve Jones. The new deal extends the agreement by a further five years.

Kam commented: “Select & Save has worked well with Nisa for an extensive period of time and we are delighted that our discussions with them have led to a new contract for another five years. The continued relationship is a mutually beneficial one for both businesses and helps us to provide a robust trading offer to our network of retailers, who will benefit from beneficial terms going forward in these hard economic times, as well as competition from the multiples.”

Nisa-Today’s chief executive officer Neil Turton added: “We have a successful history with Select & Save and are very pleased to have signed a new contract with them which we believe will enable the growth and development of both companies. The contract is a significant one for both companies providing stability and confidence in our businesses’ futures.”