A former Nisa-Today’s employee has been found guilty of fraud after swindling the company out of thousands of pounds.

Former IT procurement manager Trevor Guerin was sentenced for two years after pleading guilty to three offences of fraud by inflating invoices and breach of trust in the workplace over a period of five years.

According to a Nisa-Today’s spokesman, the official loss to the company was £51,180, which has been recovered by the business in full.

Guerin had also received “sweeteners” of laptops, wine and cash during his tenure as IT procurement manager.

Two other men, Barry Hesk and Aatish Dudani, who were involved in software companies that had a working relationship with Nisa-Today’s, were also found guilty of inflating invoices and abusing positions of trust. Hesk was given a 26-week suspended sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work while Dudani received a 12-week community order and an order to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

When handing down the sentence, Judge Simon Jack said Guerin had been in a position of trust and abused it.

Commenting on the result of the trial, Nisa Today’s IT director Wayne Swallow said: “This marks the end of a 12 month period involving an investigation and subsequent conviction for an ex-employee of Nisa.

“Our IT team assisted the police in the investigation which also saw two suppliers given suspended prison sentences and community service,” he added. “Nisa condemns these criminal acts and fully supports and welcomes the sentences handed down by the judge. Nisa takes a strong stance against any such practices and will always seek punishment to the full extent of the law.”