Nisa has unveiled the first two of its Loco symbol stores, in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The stores are in different areas of the city and each has been adapted to suit its customer demographic. The Gosforth store focuses largely on locally sourced products, while the Sandyford store - a large store which has been converted from a car showroom - offers a wide range of value products to suit the less affluent demographic of the local area.

Loco is a new symbol group in its own right and has bespoke branding which will flow through to its staff uniforms and consumer leaflets, and will work closely with its retailers to develop their stores both internally and externally.

Members of the Loco symbol group will receive support from the Nisa Member Support Centre and have access to more than 12,000 product lines, 400 three-weekly promotional offers as well as personalised consumer leaflets.

Loco will also participate in the Making A Difference Locally (MADL) fundraising scheme which enables independent retailers to raise money for local charities in store through the sale of specific products.