Soft drinks brand Vimto has collaborated with UK confectionery distributor IB Group to launch a new summer sweet: Vimto Remix Sodapops.

Vimto Remix Sodapops

The new lollipop is flavoured using Vimto Remix Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple from the brand’s Remix range, and is suitable for vegetarians, contains real fruit juice, and is made with natural colours.

The launch comes as Vimto revitalises its oldest confectionery licence – Vimto Original Lollipops – again making use of its new partnership with IB Group.

The collaboration will see both Vimto Remix and Original lollies available across the country, with stock in all 20 Hancocks Cash and Carry sites, plus distribution throughout its 55,000-strong customer base.

Helen Hartley, brand licensing manager at Vimto, said: “Our new partnership harnesses the ever-growing popularity of the Vimto brand, now worth £88.9m, with IB Group’s unquestionable confectionery experience to create a range that will help retailers boost their sales.

“We’re also working together to create some tantalising new Vimto-flavoured treats, so watch out for several exciting launches over the next year!”

Vimto Remix Sodapops will launch on 30 April, while Vimto Original lollipops are available to stock now.