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Independent wholesale buying group Unitas has announced that its 2023 Plan for Profit Impulse Guide is now available for independent retailers.

Available online and in print through selected Unitas Wholesale member depots, the Impulse Guide is packed with advice and highlights the must stock core range across confectionery, sweet snacking, crisps and soft drinks to help retailers maximise their sales and profit. The guide can also be accessed via the Plan for Profit app.

The Impulse guide has been developed in collaboration with the group’s supplier and member category experts using market data and insight from its network of wholesalers and industry sources to provide a consumer-driven suggested core range tailored to independent retailer’s store sizes.

Updated annually, the guide helps retailers to efficiently manage range change requirements based on customer trends.

In addition to the updated product listing, the guide also provides new regionally tailored planograms and the latest category insights. Value for money and HFSS are also key themes throughout the guide to help retailers adapt to the new legalisation and cost of living crisis impacting shoppers today.

In addition to the new Impulse Guide, retailers can access separate guides for Grocery, Non-Food, Chilled & Frozen, as well as Licensed & Tobacco.