Drinks supplier Britvic is launching a website for retailers called At Your Convenience, to support the industry with soft drinks guidance during challenging times. The firm is offering a free case of Pepsi Max, Tango or Rockstar Energy, as well as supporting point of sale for the brands, to every outlet that signs up. In addition, retailers will soon have access to free cases of Britvic’s new Tango Paradise Punch Sugar Free, as part of the brand’s rotational flavour limited edition series. 

The website has been designed and built using feedback from hundreds of retailers collated by an independent market research company. With a variety of symbol and independent retailers in the market, the website will offer support for outlets whatever their size, location or sales volume, offering advice and tips on how to boost soft drink sales, information on the Britvic range, as well as latest trends and insights. A dedicated trade contact will also be available for any retailer needing to speak to Britvic, ensuring they have the specialised support they need.

Ben Parker, retail commercial director, at Britvic, said: “We are striving to continually support our independent retailers who stock and sell Britvic soft drinks. The advice and tools hosted on the website have been developed with the current climate in mind, helping retailers navigate inflationary pressures and HFSS regulations for example, as well as driving soft drink sales. The market research we conducted informed the creation of the platform. Key barriers retailers said they face include no access to sales driving aids, limited information about products in market until seen in the wholesale depot, and difficult direct avenues of communication with the supplier. It’s helped us to understand our customer’s needs even more and shone a light on how valuable this online hub can be. Our aim is to make At Your Convenience a go-to platform, not just for information on soft drinks, but for wider advice and information too that will help our retail customers grow their businesses.”